radiotronic products

Aluminium extrusions from Radiotronic UK

Larger parts are supplied for use as enclosures in electronic equipment applications. For large hydraulic cylinders impact extrusions offer the lowest cost solution with virtually no wasted material or machining operations.

Aluminium and alloy parts manufactured using extrusion have low mass but high strength. The use of AlMgSi alloys provides even stronger parts with added resistance to chemicals. We can fabricate any shape of case or box in excellent quality and we are used to working to drawings from customers. With decades of experience we would be delighted to help you.

The use of small impact extrusion parts in today's high precision electronics is a necessity. In a single step a slug of aluminium can be converted directly into a usable component with the minimum of finishing. Significant investment in automation means we can realise sample components in a very short time with excellent tolerances and an especially high quality of surface finish.

radiotronic products

Production tooling life is extensive resulting in a low cost of tooling when amortised over long runs. Impact components made from copper or aluminium as shielding components are also very conductive both electrically and thermally. When either a galvanic or chemical finish is applied the surface is solderable. We guarantee the highest standards of finished component quality.

Paints and varnishes colour and protect those things we use every day. We manufacture spray paint cans for use in all three common methods: suction flow and pressure types. Our pressure cans can be designed for direct fill with/without pistons or for cartridges as used with viscous sealing finishes. We supply cans for colours and varnishes to be fitted directly to spraying systems and if required manufactured with connecting hardware. We can design and manufacture to your requirements.

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